1100 DAF XF Euro-6 vehicles for BE-Trans

BE Trans DAF trekker opt

• 16/07/2016 •

Between 2008 and 2012 BE-Trans not only doubled the amount of vehicles in service but also the turnover and profit. The same has been achieved between 2012 and 2016: BE-Trans has deployed100 new DAF XF 440 Euro-6 vehicles. Since this purchase there are more than 170 trucks in service.

“We chose for the simplicity of the MX-11 engine of 440 horsepower. All vehicles come with the Space Cab option and have air conditioning by default. By investing in the standard TRP-air conditioning we will reduce up to 70 tons of CO² emissions each year. As a result our fleet will become a whole lot greener. The DAF XF FTG Euro-6 vehicles will primarily be used to transport two 20-feet containers. They make sure that the weight on our trucks is spread evenly to avoid overloaded axes, explains Bert Vranckx, CEO of the company.


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