General Conditions of Tautliner Transport

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Our green investments for the years to come!

Early November, Be-Trans ordered ten hydrogen-powered trucks from Nikola Motors. At the same time, the company bought two LNG trucks from Volvo. Be-Trans is also increasing sustainability with its own windmill and an eco-combi.

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sqas assessed company logo

BE-Trans SQAS assessed

SQAS (Safety and Qualitiy Assesment Systems) is a quality standard developed by CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council). With a questionnaire and an independent assessment, service providers are evaluated for their actions to organisation, quality, safety and environment.

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Vakbeurs TL 2018 uitgelicht

BE-Trans on Transport & Logistics trade fair


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BE Trans logo ISO aug18 43052

BE-LOGISTICS obtains ISO 9001 certificate


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AEO logo

BE-Logistics receives an AEO certificate


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Be trans event 14052017 240 opt

BE-Trans Family Day - Poze

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BE Trans Family Day uitnodiging

Eveniment de inaugurare

Duminică 14 mai se va deschide noul complex BE-Trans. Pe fostul teren al firmei Alcatel se lucrează activ la noua clădire, pe o suprafață de 10.000 m². Aici vor fi noile birouri ale firmei noastre, BE-Trans și depozitele BE-Logistics. 

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Schermafbeelding 2017 05 12 om 13.57.11

Trendsetter in Logistics

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Betrans vloot 4

Truck ICT Award

Firma BE-Trans a fost premiată, la sfârșitul lunii februarie la concursul Transport & Logistics Awards. După ani de a investiții masive  în soluțiile sale ICT, firmei noastre BE-Trans, i-a fost acordat premiul Truck TIC Award.

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BE Trans DAF trekker opt

100 DAF XF Euro 6 vehicule BE-Trans

Între anii 2008 și 2012 BE- Trans și-a dublat flota, precum și cifra de afaceri și profiturile. Același lucru s-a întâmplat între anii 2012 și 2016. BE-Trans a achiziționat în această perioadă, 100 vehicule noi DAF XF 440 Euro 6.

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